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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Maintain the balance in the body is the key to staying healthy


The basic concept of oriental herbal therapy is that most health problems are self-inflicted and that the cause of discomfort is the failure to take appropriate preventative steps. The fundamental approach in herbal therapy is to determine and treat an imbalance or deficiency in an internal energy.
Chinese natural medicine helps you to heal by using the natural effects of plants without chemicals that cause damage to the body.


Scientific and technological progress in conventional medicine, has no doubt given patients a better quality of life, especially for emergencies or situations where rapid intervention is required. The scope of natural medicine works more slowly, however it corrects functional, biochemical and energy disturbances within the body. Natural medicine is used to restore the balance that is needed to heal our bodies.
Currently the field of medicine is oriented towards a future of integration. Thus, we will see how both types of medicine; conventional and alternative, will complement each other for the sole purpose of offering benefit of the patient.


When we are healthy, our energy flows in an orderly and unimpeded way, through the channels or meridians of the body. To stay in this state of harmony, these meridians interact with each other, to maintain a dynamic balance against the constant change of the different energies and fluids in our organs.
When this balance is lost, it results in an excess or deficiency of Qi. This imbalance is due to alterations of food, rest, physical inactivity, excessive work or sexual activity and exposure to environmental changes. A disease then occurs as a sign that we must correct those factors, and restore the lost balance to regain our health.